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Do you want to bring life to any space in your home or office? Then giving character to each room is key. You can achieve this through good design that fits your taste, objective and purpose. Thus, you have to use attractive, quality decors. But if you think decorating is enough, think again.

To boost any room's character you need to enhance your décor. How do you do it? Easy, you only have to use the most flattering curtains and blinds!

By “most flattering,” we mean top quality. This is defined by the use of the best material, style and craftsmanship. The exact quality that describes the window furnishings we offer at Shades of Geelong.

At Shades of Geelong, we offer top-of-the-line curtains, blinds and awnings. We have a wide range of colours, designs and materials to fit any type of decor. Whatever design you have in mind, you can be sure that we have the right product for you.

We have been trading quality products in the same location for more than 40 years now. All our years of experience has given us a good reputation among our customers. Not only that, but we have also formed a good working relationship with our renowned product manufacturers.

Moreover, we combine them with warm, friendly service. From choosing the best furnishings to installing them, you can count on our staff's help every step of the way. We make sure that we train the people in our team well.

So whatever problem you may have about curtains, blinds and awnings in Geelong, remember: we are always here for you.

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